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Native Americans are the only ones who deserve to be on this stretch of land we call the United States. But the rest of us are here, arriving from all over the world and making the nation diverse, and we are supposed to deem this diversity a good thing. Many college-educated Americans look askance at racially homogeneous regions of the U.S. with a mixture of pity and contempt, sometimes assuming racism and always assuming provinciality. Yet what Americans now call diversity is itself the legacy of colonialism, slavery, and more colonialism. This fact may be unpleasant because it runs against…

I’ve seen a few people share this psychology preprint by Craig Harper and Thom Baguley which purportedly shows that liberals and conservatives are equally likely to believe fake news. Part of it was summarized in Scientific American by Scott Barry Kaufman.

The preprint doesn’t show what purports to show, namely, that liberals and conservatives are both susceptible to fake news.

To begin, the term “Fake News” is a useful descriptive label for the fictitious stories created for profit that circulate in social media. One such unfortunate example is here:

From Headline to Photograph, a Fake News Masterpiece: Cameron Harris, a…

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Although I was initially reluctant to talk about election results, the election of Donald Trump was unusual enough that I felt obligated to explain its significance to my class. This essay expands upon what I said to my 300-level undergraduate class “The Sociology of Happiness.” I have published it here because it may be useful to others in the academic community, particularly those who teach students of a variety of nationalities, a fairly common situation at private universities in the U.S., and those who teach students who uniformly adhere to one political ideology.

I’ve been mulling over whether to talk…

Chris Martin

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